Friday, April 11, 2014

J is for Who's a Jackanapes?

For J, I’m cheating. I’m reposting from a bloghop I used to be involved with, The Feather and the Rose's “Save a word Saturday”. I loved that weekly bloghop, but like with many blogging things, I had to cut back on it. I don't think it's going on anymore. So for the J in the A to Z Challenge, here’s “Who’s a Jackanapes?” 

Today's theme isUnicorn

My word for today isJackanapes - 1400-1450, late Middle English; noun 
1. an impertinent, presumptuous person, especially a young man; whippersnapper 2. an impudent, mischievous child 3. archaic. an ape or a monkey

And here's this week's writing:

"Jackanapes-jackanapes-jackanapes! Jack..a..napes!! Jackanapes!" Simon jumped up and down on his rocking unicorn, his head bouncing along like a bobble head on speed.

"Simon, you're going to break your little neck, and you're driving me crazy! Cut it out. I'm sorry I called you that. It just slipped out. You are not a jackanapes. This is 2013 - that word no longer exists!"

Under her breath, Simon's mother muttered, "Oh, but the phrase holy terror is alive and well."

After a pause, Simon jumped off his unicorn and ran around the house crooning, "Holy terror, holy terror, ho...oly terrrrrooorrrr!!! 

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  1. Jackanapes - great word! Love your little story to go with it.

  2. I like this word.... The story's perfect for it!

  3. word. I like whippersnapper too!

  4. I like this word Nancy. I am going to try and use it in one of my stories.


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