Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Journal Past Blast: An Open Book of Self

It’s the 3rd Tuesday of the month, which means it’s time for the rescheduled once-a-month Journal Past Blast.

I have to tell you, it’s been too long since I’ve done this… blog on what’s written in my old journals, and it’s darned hard to start up again! This is a test of humility, an allowance of vulnerability, and a belief in the growth of oneself. If only I could be so sure of myself!

Well, here goes nothing:

My Dear Sweet Robert

I continue to think about when we will met again. This is only one of the many daydreams I have of you.

The plane just arrived and people begin to get off. I am to the side of them, mostly hidden behind a wall. Then I see you come out.

I stare at you while you walk slowly looking around for me. Your beautiful hazel eyes are glowing and smiling. I don’t want to move, and stay behind the wall, taking you all in: Your handsome brown skin, face, arms, and your beautiful body I imagine underneath your clothes.

You come closer and closer to where I am hiding, and I can tell that you are getting a little worried that I probably hadn’t come yet.

When I think you are right up to where I am, I run out from behind the wall into your arms and give you a long, passionate, loving kiss. Then you hold me close to you, and I whisper, “I love you Robert” in your ear. You say, “I’m not ever going to let you go. We’re going around NY just like this,” and we both laugh.

I guess I read too many trashy novels, huh Robert?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's been WAY more than 3 weeks! + Indie book review

Okay, I’ve been gone for longer than three weeks. It’s been closer to six weeks, but oh how the time flies! It wasn’t all just fun and games, and, I’m sorry to say, not as much writing as there could have been. But it’s picking up now, and I still plan to be done with my first draft of Anticipating Dawn by the end of the year.

Over these six weeks, I had two surgeries, one oral – had a tooth pulled, which started to become infected, and you know the people didn’t give me antibiotics. So had to get that later on, and this was more painful than the inpatient surgery I had (nothing serious, and that went well). 

What I did do a lot of is read. :) I’ve read seven indie books – which I plan to review and highlight along the way. And I watched a million movies, both at the movies and on TV. (I've signed up for Amazon Prime... and I've fallen in love with the Jesse Stone movies... Okay, I've fallen for Tom Selleck... again. :))

There are some things I’ve come to realize during this extended break. One, is that I was blogging too much! With work, no matter how much I love blogging, it’s impossible to keep up with it as much as I was and do other things going on in life, and writing was going by the wayside. So, I’ve decided to blog one to two times a week.

As I’m not one to stick to patterns, I’m not sure just yet whether they’ll be the same day of the week or not. My Tuesday Journal Past Blast will be once a month – the third Tuesday of the month. I also do not plan to be involved with as many blog hops as I was. Although I truly love them, it’s just too much. :(  The ones I will try and definitely be involved with are ISWG, and Celebrate the Small Things, though likely only twice a month.

 Indie Fever 2013 Reading Challenge

So, for now, here’s the first of my indie book reviews:

Life Begins The Day You Start A Garden
 by Anthony Johnson

Life Begins is an endearing story of a man who wishes he were resigned to just survive instead of really living life. When given an unlikely opportunity to change his unsatisfying existence, he grudgingly grabs at it, and his life changes much more and much less than he ever dreamed.

This is a well-written story that takes you into the main character's mindset, which is ripe for the manipulations and twists of his fate. It's a story that gets you thinking of what things in our lives we are unsatisfyingly letting fallow instead of cultivating them to let blossom.

This one was written by my brother, Anthony Johnson, an avid gardener and herbalist, who is fluent in Japanese and speaks Mandarin (he refuses to say he's fluent in Mandarin). His blog, Herbadelic, speaks of dishes he cooks and tinctures he makes from herbs he gathers from his garden.

Life Begins is a short story based on a Chinese proverb, and is available only in print, but for just $5.36, which you can get here.

He and I will both be at this amazing Indie Authors Book Fair:

I appreciate all you folks for visiting me again after so long! :)

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