Monday, October 29, 2012

Write a novel in one month?!?

Can you say “nerve wrecking”? 

I’ve just joined a new site today, something that might interest some of you. It’s called, “National Novel Writing Month,” located at

The amazing thing is, it’s a place where, starting November 1st, you write everyday, and by midnight, November 30th, you’re to have completed writing 50K words of a new novel!

It’s amazing how many people attempt this every year at this site, and how many people actually complete it. I’ll do my darnedest to do this. And (I’m not sure he’ll want the credit) Pastor Gary gave me the idea of the topic, which has had me fascinated since he first talked about it in his message a couple of weeks ago: The witch of Endor.

I am truly excited to write about this, even though I have no idea of what I’ll write!

Look what’s coming!

I’ve received my book, Anticipation of the Penitent, back from my final editor. Now I’m reading it through one more time to make sure the corrections are correct and it reads the way I intend it to. I’ve got about 50 more pages to read. Then I’ll complete the publication process on CreateSpace!

Again, it might take a couple of weeks or so before it’s available on

I had a dilemma about where I should get my marketing tools from, you know, bookmarks, postcards and business cards? CreateSpace does them, but they are expensive and they have only one template, so you don’t have design or paper stock options.

I tried Kinkos, but they are WAY expensive. So, I think I’ll try someone I learned about on LinkedIn. His rates are quite reasonable and, so, I have to wait and see.  I can also call the church (Faith Fellowship) tomorrow and see if they can recommend someone. I’ve got to remember to do that. The church’s office is closed on Mondays.

Well, everyday I’m more and more excited about this “writing” stuff. I hope some of you are encouraged to do more of your own writing and will look into some of these sites I’ve talked about.

Until next time! Which, considering this 50K words in November challenge, I may be posting excerpts soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I wonder what it would be like to give up my home – to roam around the state, country, continent and farther without a base in my mind to where I could return. It would be a different sort of homelessness; one in which I couldn’t even claim a city when asked, “Where do you stay?”
“My home,” I would say, “is this planet.”
My new identity would be my domicile – nomad. I am nomad without habitation, without a connection to my foundation. I explore different parts of the world, encountering beings new and different from me.
Then, I expect, my whole self would change, be transformed, even from that former identity as nomad.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Trailer for Anticipation of the Penitent

Here's the link to the YouTube book trailer for Anticipation of the Penitent. Give a comment or a like if you do like!

I've tried embedding the video, but it didn't work. Take the time and view this great trailer. You'll get your money's worth!

The book will be available from in November 2012.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fun With Marketing and Promoting

Okay folks! I’ve been, and still am, researching, researching, researching!

Yep, just as I figured, marketing is key. Facebook, Twitter, even Google+ and LinkedIn (both of which I have yet to understand) help greatly. As well as YouTube. It’s best if you already have a book to link to for people to review and purchase. But, I’m learning that pre-publication promotion is just as helpful.
My editor has finished with my book and we’ll meet this coming week to go over it. So exciting!

Trailer Fun

I wasn’t sure if I was going to get a separate author’s page, but I don’t think that’s necessary. Not yet anyway. So this is the place for now. I’ve just made a trailer for the book. After looking at a site that makes them for $79 and up, and seeing their samples, I thought to myself, “I can do better than that.”

So, first I tried Power Point, but it seems you have to pay to send out your project to the public, and adding audio was difficult. So instead I used Paint, and transferred the slides to Windows Movie Maker. Adding audio was extremely simple. I think the trailer is good. I’m getting feedback before I publish it here, YouTube and link it onto Twitter.

Literary Agents

After being stunboozled (Yes, I made that word up. Like it?) daily by the number of writers there are who have written books and trying to publish them, and seeing how my book fits within such a relatively new market (again, that’s Christian speculative fiction), I’ve decided to send no more query letters. Agents want to know that you’ll have a definite market-base for the book. Although I believe Anticipation of the Penitent is marvelous, I’ll need to prove that in the real world by…you know…successful marketing.

Other Publishing Opportunities

I have been making other types of submissions: to anthologies. Anthologies are magazines or books that publish collections of stories, poetry, essays, art, etc. They often publish works within a particular theme for that series. It’s a good way to boost your writing résumé and get your name out. Some pay very little, some a little more, and some nothing. You just get the publishing credits, or they may send you a free copy of the publication as payment if they accept your work.

I’ve found a couple of sites that keep the calls for submission list to anthologies pretty updated. Here are a few:

It’s very important to submit in the way the periodical wants. Many of them will only publish pieces that have not been published before, including online. So, those publications won’t accept the stories and poems that have been published on my blog. That just means I have to write more! But there are some who will publish work that has already been published.

I’ve submitted stories to three anthologies so far, but won’t hear anything until at least December.
I’ll continue to provide updates on my research, and will place my trailer soon! 
God bless!

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