Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I wonder what it would be like to give up my home – to roam around the state, country, continent and farther without a base in my mind to where I could return. It would be a different sort of homelessness; one in which I couldn’t even claim a city when asked, “Where do you stay?”
“My home,” I would say, “is this planet.”
My new identity would be my domicile – nomad. I am nomad without habitation, without a connection to my foundation. I explore different parts of the world, encountering beings new and different from me.
Then, I expect, my whole self would change, be transformed, even from that former identity as nomad.


  1. For much of the 80's my wife of that time and I traveled with a theater company. I used my parents address as our mailing address and when we weren't working we usually stayed with my parents or hers. Loved the lifestyle and everyday was like an adventure. It sure felt different and mundane to finally settle down. The nomadic life can be great if you have the financial means or are paid to do it.

    A Faraway View

    1. This is a dream that I seem to come back to from time to time. Maybe once I retire I will have saved enough to try that lifestyle out for a while!


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