Sunday, March 25, 2012

Platform Momentum

After writing my first book, and learning the vast intricacies there are in trying to get an agent and become published, and the enormous amount of prolific writers there are, I had a great need to get started on my platform as a writer.

My first book, Anticipation of the Penitent, is a literary novel that deals with spiritual warfare. It delves into the question of whether people are commanded by Satan or transformed by God, while putting to challenge God's promises. As you read the book, you'll see that the main characters are enduring life’s hardships while tolerating unacceptable circumstances. You'll witness the spiritual transformation of new and young Christians who, through intimacy with God, follow God’s will and maintain faith despite difficult times.

With each post, I'll include the next chapter of the book. (Please note, it was copyrighted by me in 2010) I have no fear of feedback, and welcome any and all comments made in love. I am not a debater, but like most writers, I have my many opinions. God is the forefront of that, who I would not say is an opinion, but a fact - the one true fact.

With God in the forefront, I believe he loves it when people write for and about those who are generally dismissed as fallen, to be left to God, and those who many Christians believe their sins will preclude them from heaven. I believe I write with God, and I will do nothing to try and displease him. As he loves us all, however, I will speak about some who generally are not accepted as Christians.

Also in my blog, I have the privilege to post my poetry and short stories. (Although not many have survived the multiple moves over the last 15 years.)

So, to sum up the contents of this blog, Anticipation of the Penitent is a complete novel. There will be poetry, flash fiction, questions put forth, and maybe some venting, who knows? Eventually, there may be posts of my next novel, which I've recently started and is so far titled Michtam's Hubris.

Thank you for taking the time to read Writer's Mark. I hope you will enjoy the journey and return often!

Nancy LaRonda Johnson


  1. I met LaRonda at the San Francisco Writer's Conference. We had attended a panel that was supposed to be about Spirituality, but turned out to be about an atheist who apparently doesn't understand religious people or spirituality, I think his book was called "Spiritual Envy", in any case I found that the Conference seemed unaware of Spiritual or Christian markets or writers and did not have representatives for agents or publishers of that market. None the less, the conference was very valuable to me in sizing up the industry, its players/culture and its practices.

    I have read Ms. Johnson's two chapters and her poems and am very impressed with her writing. It is compelling and of a high literary calibur. Although the characters seem evil or in the grip of evil and to me somewhat disturbing, her writing never the less, evokes compassion. I am looking forward to the transformation and resolution of the book. I was happy to have met LaRonda and to read her book and poems. The poems also evoke spiritual visuals of God that are reminiscent of Hindu philosophy. The Hindus portray God as an ocean of Conscious Spirit in which the creation exists as a storm on the surface of the sea of God and the spirit child like a separated drop caught in the storm of the ocean can dive and merge or melt with God which is the home of all the spirit children wandering in the creation separated from their Father.

    I fully expect LaRonda's book to be published and have success.

  2. Thanks so much for your comments. I do feel that the book will reach many people, once they get past the abnormalness of the beginning. The Conference, as a whole, was a great experience for me as well, and I'm very glad to have gone. I'm looking forward to continue dialoging with each other, reading your book, and our successes!

  3. I'm just reading this homepage, but already my interest is piqued and I want to read more. I'm not computer savvy, but I hope that I can locate your book, its sounds like a GREAT read. It might also be able to assist me with the spiritual warfare that I am currently experiencing.

  4. Thanks for your comments. I hope you do read the book. If you look under March 2012, you'll see the prologue right under the Platform Momentum, then the each day afterward I posted the next chapter. Along the way, I posted some poetry and other things. I'm new at this blogging thing, and still learning how to make it clearer for people like you and me to easily find things.

    Although the story is strange and some say creepy (I don't get creeped out too easily and I've lived with these characters for so long, I think I'm immune!), I am still inspired by what the characters survive and how they change each time I read it. I hope you do get some insight that can help you with your situation. Again, thanks!


Your comments add wonderful flavors. Thank you!

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