Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Night Sky

I soar into the night sky,
while the thundering waves below
echo my fears of what lie ahead
and magnify the exhilaration
that I’m soaring with my God,
from and into His creation.

The chill of the night filters
through me as if I were as malleable
as the ocean mist,
while the crashing sound of the waves
speaks to me of God’s soothing promises:

“Keep going. Faith will carry you
on your path. The universe is
but a speck of the power that I
have given you. Your tears
evoked from the faithfulness of your
life are love songs to me. Because of
your devotion and trust, the mysteries and
powers of the night sky and all of its
stars and galaxies and worlds unknown to you
are nothing compared to the gift of life
I have given you.”

I soar through the night sky,
in the energy of God’s ocean,
in the magnetism and density of
all that is His, feeling the power of
His love and the flowing of His promises.

Peering through the open window
into the night sky of His eyes,
I fall asleep to the lullabies of the 
thundering and crashing waves of His voice,
and dream of His whispered promises
of tomorrow.

- I wrote this poem while at the Dreams Resort of Casa Dorada in San Jose del Cabo Mexico, where the sounds of the waves thunder throughout your suite 24 hours a day. It was beautiful! Just returned last night.


  1. YOU, my dear, are a poet! I'm popping in from the a-z. This is the kind of poem I can never write (I'm a limerick girl. See here: http://adventuresintheballpark.blogspot.com/2013/04/limerick.html.) I have a category of limericks on my blog, if you're interested. As you read my P post...I don't get poetry most of the time. I admire people who can figure it out! I'm a new follow because I love finding other believers in the blogosphere. I think we can do a lot to change the world! Thanks for finding me!
    from The Dugout

    1. Thank you Mare for your wonderful comment. I also try and follow believers of Christ too, depending on the tone of the site. Yours I think is great and I'm glad I came across it during this blog hop. I will check out some of your poems later on. :)


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