Friday, August 3, 2012

Happen Glance

A happen-glance at the full moon.
Bright white reaching out:
A touch of God’s hand to my heart.
“Oh, how I love you my Lord.”

Driving. I see the moon. I feel my God reaching.
Eyes water. Driving. A smile comes. Heart softens.
This is not my fascination with the full moon.

“What mysteries are you telling me?”
Peering up. I look ahead.
The building blocking the moon
but not the touch.
“Will something happen soon?”
Silhouette of trees hiding the light
but not his hand.
I smile. I laugh with God.
“How beautiful! Whatever it is,
God I trust you.”

Off the freeway. He reaches me.
Traffic. A glance at the moon.
I must pay attention.

But never will I forget that
touch of God’s hand
from the full moon
to my heart.

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