Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Breaking my heart - Journal Past Blast

I had written this in Italian, during my studies of the language in college at UC Santa Cruz. Several entries before that has the date of June 3, 1988, so I believe this was written before my student exchange year that started in Fall 1988, when I studied in Padova, Italy. It’s funny to translate it now – wondering how it’ll be in English. J

I guess that I’m feeling the loneliness of not having a true friend. I want to do things, speak, dream with other people, or at least with one friend. I can always do anything alone. At times, you need someone else for assurance, to not feel so alone. I want someone to speak life with, and also enjoy life.

I’m tired, but there’s a lot in me that wants to go out, to party, to cry, that wants to speak.

My eyes are closing, but my heart

The entry ends there. It just breaks my heart.


  1. :( I understand that feeling very well!

  2. It's sad but good to express yourself.

  3. You're so poetic, Nancy! Seriously beautiful. (And my hubby lived in Padova for two years... he would love knowing you've been there!)

  4. I really applaud you for being so brave to post these journal entries... this one is so emotionally charged---
    Writer In Transit

  5. This is so emotional, but I've definitely been there...I admire you for sharing this. That's so cool that you studied Italian and lived there for a bit. I'm a little jealous :D

  6. You put into words what many people have felt.

  7. What a sad entry. I've had times myself when I've felt like that. One day, when I'm feeling brave, I might look back over my own journals.

  8. Oh, that is sad, Nancy....

    NO worse feeling than loneliness. Even in a crowded room, a person could feel lonely.


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