Monday, September 2, 2013

Awards! Awards! Awards!

I’ve been remiss, but mostly too busy, in posting on several blog awards I’d received over the last several months. But I’ve been taking note of them and am so thankful to all my nominators. Today, I wish to post on those have-been-waiting-too-long-to-be-honored awards.

Here are the rules:
  1. Post the logo on your blog
  2. Thank the person who nominated you
  3. choose 10-12 other ladies who blog, as your nominees.
  4. Post the links to the nominees' blogs and notify them on their blog 
Here are whom I'm nominating:

Tara Tyler Talks - Who's so infectiously cheery, and so excited to help out fellow bloggers.
Diane Wilder ...about myself, by myself... - For her wit and the beautiful photos she posts.
City Muse Country Muse - They write Friday poetry, which is often inspiring and emotive.
Clare Dugmore Writes - Who is inspiring with keeping with her blogging schedule, and for giving me notice of the upcoming More Than Just A Kiss blogfest.
Christine Rains - Who's putting on the above blogfest with gifts included!
Elise Fallson - A dedicated and lovely American blogger living the dream life in France.
Kidbits - Who is a MG and sci-fi ball of joy.

This second award is from Constantine. Thank you! 

Nominees see below - I'm nominating you for this one and the Sunshine award!

 Here are the rules for this award: (Don't ask me what the "7 days" thing mean - I just copied & pasted!)
  1. The nominee of The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award shall display the logo on his/her blog.
  2. The nominee shall nominate (up to) 14 readers they appreciate over a period of 7 days, all at once or little by little; linking to their blogs; and telling them about it at their blogs.
  3. The nominee shall name his/her Wonderful Team Member Readership Award nominees on a post during 7 days.

And finally, the wonderful Yolanda over at DEFENDING THE PEN awarded me this beautiful Sunshine award:

Here are the rules: to be followed or broken as you see fit!
  1. Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
  2. Link to the person who nominated you.
  3. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers.
  5. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated. 

I wanted to make up new questions for this. My nominees can use these questions or other ones. Here go mine:

1. What do you feel about Google’s Library Project, where they plan to scan and allow people to download your entire book if it’s not copyrighted or out of copyright?

The idea of my books being on a new platform, searchable, excerpts able to be read and purchase links attached is great. But it’s scary to think that if the copyright lapses and I didn’t even know it, people would be able to download my books for free. With all the other things on my list to do, I’d have to make sure my copyright is updated. I’m not even sure anymore how long a copyright lasts. Guess I’d have to look into that. It would also mean that I'd want to be more careful about publishing my book before the copyright has gone through.

2. If you were invited to be on a talk show with your favorite celebrity, who would it be, and what would you want the topic to be?

One of the celebrities I admire most is Tyler Perry. I’d want to discuss controversial topics that relate to my books, such as serial killers getting forgiven, gay Christians, and the culture of people who have a history of not reporting crimes they know about.

3. You become a celebrity author and you write a book where all the proceeds will go to a charity. What charity would it be?

It would be the Kinship Program, which is a program designated to helping people who are raising relatives’ kids. They provide support groups for the caregiver, respite care, activities for the caregiver and for the kids, and resources. I utilized them (the Lincoln Childcare Center in Hayward, CA) for years while I raised my niece and nephew.

4. Complete this sentence any way you like: “Check out this author who has…

…been able to retire from her day job early and live her dream life of writing full-time while traveling."

5. You have a gift that could help people ease their pain, physical or psychological. What is that gift, and how would it help?

My gift would be writing effective flash fiction that causes them to see life in new and exciting ways, and their psychological pain is significantly diminished.

6. Pedicure or manicure?

Definitely pedicure. Don’t care for manicures.

7. What’s one thing that bothers you that you feel you should learn to deal with?

Being in crowds and socializing for too long. Usually, after a while, I feel a great need to isolate and recoup.

8. Popcorn or chips?


9. What would be more difficult for you, giving up the computer to where you have no access to one or giving up the smartphone?

I’d say the computer. That’s a hard one, but I think not having access to a computer would be like not having a limb. Whereas not having a smartphone would be more like needing to catch public transportation instead of having a car. I’d be able to do what I need, it would just take much longer and be more complicated to accomplish what I need to.

10. You have to work one day in a fast food or chain restaurant. Which would it be?


My nominees for the Wonderful Team Member Readership and Sunshine Award are:

and, I have to say, Klahanie

Thanks again to all my nominators, and to everyone who has taken the time to read this post!


  1. I'm honored and in very fine company! Thank you. And congratulations on your well-deserved award.

  2. Awards, Awards, Awards! Wow, congrats, Nancy. Being able to write full-time would be great. I wish you luck!

  3. Congratulations on all of the awards, Nancy! Also, best wishes to your nominees!

  4. Thank you for the Sisterhood award, Nancy, and congratulations on your own awards!

    I loved your answers for the Sunshine award; especially 5. about writing effective flash fiction that causes them to see life in new and exciting ways, and their psychological pain is significantly diminished. What a brilliant gift to have!

    Happy Monday!

    1. I'm glad that affected you Clare. I was thinking of doing some type of thing (maybe a bloghop or something) on that question.

  5. Congratulations on the awards and thank you so much for passing on the blog love, and great answers up there. I'm so grateful for the internet and having the chance to connect with amazing bloggers and writers like yourself!
    And I'd love to write full time too..... (:

    1. I love this community too Elise, and you're one of the highlights. Thanks so much!

  6. Congrats on the awards! And thank you for passing one on to me. :) I hope you have a great week!

  7. Congrats! That's a pretty nice haul of awards. :) And thank you very much for nominating me. I wish I had done more to deserve them, but I WILL post on them soon! :)

    1. Well, when you wait so long to post on them, they stack up! You've done enough to be worthy of them. Let me know when you post.

  8. Congratulations on all those awards! But then, you deserve them :)
    Thanks for the nomination - I feel totally honored!

  9. Congratulations on the awards Nancy.
    Thanks for nominating me. I'm honored to be amongst such fine nominees...
    If it's okay with you, I'll just leave them here at your place, and collect them later when I'm ready to post.
    Writer In Transit

    1. That's what I did Michelle, so that's totally fine.

  10. Sooooo MUCH talent assembled in a single post--pretty impressive group. Way to go!, Nancy, on your individual awards, and cheers to you for passing the honor along to some deserving talent.


    1. They are indeed deserving! Thanks for your enthusiasm. :)

  11. Hey Nancy!

    Y'all been waitin' for me? Yay n'stuff, the wait is over. Nice one for getting that there Sisterhood type award. Sista's are doin' for themselves. Whatever that means.

    Congrats on receiving those awards. And I'd have you on my talk show any time.

    My human is thrilled beyond belief that you have bestowed two of those awards on his shy, humble self. And well done to those who got bestowed on n'stuff. I shall give my human a nudge to make announcement of this and all those other awards we have gathered recently on our um well kept secret site.

    Stay chillin',

    Snoop Bloggy Dog in da Gangsta's Pawadise!

    1. Will indeed stay chillin' Snoop! Glad your human is thrilled... secret site? hmmm...

      I'll have my secretary call your secretary about that interview. :)

      And here's the doggie treat I promised you: _mm.aahh_

      The core ingredients are beef and beets. Enjoy!

  12. Well! Two awards, Miss LaRonda (or, for your blog, do you prefer Nancy?) I'm working on the responses, but wanted to come over here, drop a curtsey and a smile!

  13. Awesome! Thanks so much for the awards!

    Hmm, I think I'm going with the computer answer also... as writers, we kinda need it lol
    Especially if YOU are going to be able to use that line one day: I retired and I'm a full-time writer/traveler ;)

  14. Thanks Nancy for these two lovely awards. I am honoured and I also feel super happy that I am in such an amazing company.

    My apologies for the delayed response on this post. A few health issues had set me back where my writing and blogging schedule was concerned.


Your comments add wonderful flavors. Thank you!

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