Saturday, June 23, 2012

Irritated or Irritating?

Today, everything irritates me. Usually, it seems, that’s a sign that I’m not too happy with myself for some reason, or I’m impatient in waiting on God. Maybe it’s both. It’s a beautiful day, and I was excited about fulfilling my plans, yet everything bothers me! There are a lot of things going on, however, including I was too exhausted on Wednesday to attend Bible Study at my church, and neither Thursday or Friday could I make it to Home Group Bible studies. My mother had a procedure done on Friday to try and control heart malfunction episodes, and she’s still in the hospital due to feelings of nausea. Also, I haven’t written on the book in almost a week. Is that enough for me to be irritated today?
I’m at the library now to write, but have yet to begin. At least there’s a friend that I met at the SF Writer’s Conference who wants to start a writing buddy system. I think having someone to be accountable to will help me in writing. Maybe I’ll do a short story based on a writing prompt now. Hopefully my next post will be a story or an excerpt from one of the books I’m (supposed to be) working on.
Please pray for my mom!

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