Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mysterious Is Not Enough

Mysterious is not big enough. A finger is mystery. Dust is mystery. God, all your wonders of changing us, loving us, guiding us, being with us, are magnificent.
God you are magnificent in the desires you place in my heart, in how you teach me, guide me, forgive me. And yes, you let me make that mistake. And then you show your magnificence in how you transform my error to a thing of beauty – erasing what the devil would want to make as his bed of ugliness. Instead, you tickle my heart when I, yes I, want to bargain with you, “Let me do this one thing.” Laughter pours out along with tears because I know that your ways are not just mysterious, but magnificent. When that bargained for time – a one-sided bargain – comes, as so many times in the past, I mysteriously no longer have interest in that “one thing.”
Your mystery truly lies not in our hoped-for wrongs, but in those unseen and unintended sins. Then, how mysteriously you reveal our true mistakes to us to learn, to grow, to forgive. And your magnificence transforms those wrongs to the beautiful blossoms you want to grow in all of us.
You, my dear God, are not just mysterious. You are that magnificent explosion in my heart. Will you teach me to not be afraid to let that explosion loose? How I do understand the men of the Old Testament who feared to see your light, your beauty! God, let me know that I can survive your magnificence that shines so brightly in me so I will not dampen it.
Mysterious is not big enough, because your magnificence is so much more than me. Still, you magnificently tickle my heart with joy, laughter and love.

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