Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Journal Dedication

This week's Journal Past Blast entry is very short. It was written during my second year in college, possibly during the fall of 1987. It was meant to be the dedication I’d write for my first book. Well, my first book didn’t have a dedication, and I had nearly forgotten about two of the people mentioned here. Funny how the memory works – or whether how someone or a time so important to you way back when has been forgotten.

Dedicated to Maggie, my sister, who’s the light in my life;
To Barry, who’s the warmth in my heart;
And to Dave, who had gathered my senses.

I do remember them now, and especially how Dave had given me some calming advice when I was feeling very down and embarrassed about something I did that I thought would not make a difference.

Until next week, when I’ll post something more personal that takes a little gearing up to share. 


  1. Those who matter to us most are the biggest influence in our lives. Yes looking back does funny things at times.

  2. So lovely. I LOVE this idea. Really clever and fun. <3

  3. Oh, this is so interesting. It made me think of who I would have included in a dedication had I written one back in college. It's amazing how people can drift in and out of our lives. Remembering things like this makes me even more appreciative of the people who have been constants.

  4. I love the way you've unearthed your journal and remembered these important people!

  5. I may have said this before on one of your other Journal posts, but I really love this idea. Once I get myself a little more sane, I think I'll sign up.

    I see you've already received a couple, but I am passing on a Liebster to you - cheers!

    Brandy's Bustlings


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