Monday, February 10, 2014

An unplanned hiatus

Please forgive me as I take another hiatus from blogging. I hadn’t planned on this, but have got so much going on, I am not able to keep up with blogging as well.

Maybe when I come back, I’ll throw a big party - an overnight pajama party, with truffle filled piƱatas and party favors that come in diamonds, with champagne spouting harmonicas and balloons that pop out fairies who teach us the most amazing dance moves!

Until then….


  1. You are forgiven, Nancy. I can understand how blogging time can eat into your writing day. I'll watch out for your return and party with you!
    All the very best.

  2. We await your return. But next hiatus may I suggest using the services Mark Koopmans and his team has. That way you can have posts made while you are on hiatus.

  3. I can relate, Nancy, I've been on a bit of a hiatus myself. Sometimes it just gets to be too much. Take care and see you when you get back. The party sounds like a great time. :)

  4. Have a productive hiatus and I look forward to your future posts.

  5. Hi Nancy,
    I nominated you for an award. Please stop by to find out more.

  6. You simply have to come back for the A - Z Challenge! Hope to see you there :)

    MJ, A to Z Challenge Co-Host
    Writing Tips
    Effectively Human
    Lots of Crochet Stitches

  7. Oops! I though I commented. I am now! Life outside of blogging? What a concept :) See you when we see you, dear Nancy.

    Gary :)

  8. Breaks must be taken. Look forward to your return.

  9. Well that party sounds like something to look forward to. Hope you're getting stuff sorted on your break and look forward to seeing you back.


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