Thursday, March 7, 2013


His eyes bulged wide like in those greeting cards where the eyes of dogs are exaggeratedly large. I stared horrified as his eyes continued to inflate until they popped like overfilled balloons, exploding with red liquids and strands of membranes.
As soon as I thought my heart couldn’t take the stimulation anymore and would arrest itself, he ended his bulbous gaze. His mouth opened wide in slow motion and his head began to rapidly shake. In the split second that my eyes blinked, his whole head burst open like in the movie Scanners.
Then exactly like delayed sounding in a movie, a soft whine eked out of his gaping mouth. When his lips moved closer together, the sound got louder and grew into a comical guffaw.  Before I could inspect his exploded head, the infection flowed to me, and I fell backward unfeelingly, but hard to the floor while laughter pumped out of me like heaving vomit.
I couldn’t tell if the snorts were coming from him or me. When I finally sat up and glanced his way through tears in my eyes, his head was not there and my heart nearly stopped again. But he was leaning backwards, his hands propping himself up. He lifted his head from behind his shoulders, as his snort shot a sizeable blob of snot from his nose. He stared at it as it landed on my bare knee, and he fell forward, slapping the hardwood floor with both hands while he choked with laughter.
It was pulsating and quivering on my knee, and I knew that would not do.
“I think it’s time for another hit.” I grabbed a napkin lying to the side of the spoons, pills and powders to clean off my knee. “What did we do last?”

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