Saturday, March 9, 2013

Not the carfax you thought you knew & A Movie Review

The word lovers and prompt writers blog hop is now. Here's how it goes:

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2. Pick an old word you want to save from extinction to feature in your blog post. It really must be an old word, not just a big one. We are trying to save lovely archaisms, not ugly giants (for example, "Dihydrogen Monoxide" is not an acceptable choice). Luciferous Logolepsy is a great database of lovely words if you're having trouble coming up with something on your own.

3. Provide a definition of your word. Use your word in a sentence (or even a short paragraph) vaguely related to the theme we have chosen this week. You may also add visual or musical interpretations of your word or your sentence. In fact, add anything that moves your creative spirit.

4. Add your post to the linky list below (sometimes it's added late). Then hop to as many other blogs as you can in search of as many wonderful words as possible!

5. Use as many of the words as you can on the people in your life. Do leave us a note or add something to your own post to let us all know what wonderful old word you whipped out to befuddle your friends and relations.

Today's theme isIndecision

My word today isCarfax: From Anglo-French, Old French and Latin
Noun - a place where principal roads or streets intersect, esp a place in a town where four roads meet

And here's my writing for this word:

"Look, I'm tired of you keep changing your mind. I'm going that way. You go whichever way you want on this carfax Dennis."

"Diane, you know my car got totaled in that wreck last week and can't be sold! Even if I repaired it, Carfax would report what happened to it."

"Man, Dennis, I though you went to grad school. When you get to wherever you end up, look up the word carfax. That's if you don't get eaten by werewolves for not following me on this carfax!"

A Crazy Movie I Saw 

Wanna do something new here. That is, I want to comment on a movie I watched during my lazy day on Friday - The Skin I Live In, with Antonio Banderas. I saw it on Encore On Demand, and I'll say that I think Antonio is a better actor in his native language. (Believe me, I like me some Antonio Banderas though!) 

Although I'm not against subtitled films, I don't watch too many at home, because you have to continually watch it or you'll miss something, and thereby you can't multitask. I won't say too much about the plot, because it unfolds throughout the movie and I don't want to give anything away. 

But the movie is strange, to say the least. It deals with a surgeon who has a woman locked away in his mansion and has spent years repairing her. The story unfolds, bringing to light that the surgeon may not be as demented as he appears, that the bad folks may just have some good in them, and those who appear good are ...I don't know - Nuts. In other words, this is the type of story I love.  

Here's a trailer. Be sure to skip through the ad.

What are your favorite types of movies?


  1. Your sentences had me laughing. Good job! As for movies, I'm a total action, adventure, fantasy, science fiction girl - just nothing serious or deep. Life is full of enough drama, so I like movies just to bring me away in to the realm of 'maybes and could bes'.

    1. Glad you liked the sentences. I wasn't too thrilled with this week's writing, but anyway.

      Yeah, sci-fi is definitely good and gets you out of today's worries!

  2. Another good one! Who knew?! An interesting storyline too. Appreciate the movie review too.

  3. That movie sounds interesting! (If a little unsettling, lol...) Loving "carfax"--it has a great sound to it.

    1. It is an unsettling movie, with a great ending.

  4. I love carfax too! It reminds me of the french word carrefour, which means crossroads. (: And the movie sounds too strange for me, lol!


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