Tuesday, July 2, 2013

From Journal Past Blast... My Perfect Lover

This week's Journal Past Blast entry is the first real poem that I ever wrote and liked. It was written during my first year in college – when I had my first real boyfriend. Anyway. Here it is.

My Perfect Lover

Cast over me the
shadow of your
fine black skin

And provoke my anticipation
with visible glares
of inspiration.

Intrigue my mind
with the passion
in your heart.

Beat your ambitious vows
into my love’s chamber,
accelerating my life’s rhythm
to a thunderous, eloquent melody.

Brush not ungranted wishes
upon my lips, but ignite
the blackened hopes of
my love’s –, disparaging
only the temptation
to forever illuminate
the glow of one lover’s night.

Whisper into my ears
the desires of such satisfaction
and ease secret nightmares
of history’s sexual deceptions
engraved                 as tokens
in my burdensome heart
that only now is pulsating
from your flaunting pleasures.

Lessen now the fire
of our passion flared in rhapsody
and remain once more
in your love’s soul
so that we may discover
an incarnate, as such, as
My Perfect Lover


  1. Lovely. So passionate and vivid.

  2. Lust and vivid imagery make this a great and passionate read.

  3. I enjoyed that. The third verse, especially, is wonderful.
    Do you find yourself reading these entries and thinking, 'hmmmmm That's pretty good!' If not, do so!

  4. Love your word choices-- perfect to convey the emotions.

  5. Very, very passionate. You were much more mature than I was in my first year of college!

  6. Fist love is so hot!

    Very well done!

  7. That was so beautiful. Wonderful. Did your boyfriend read it? I wonder what he thought. Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. full of passion. Are you still together?


  9. First love is wonderful, isn't it? It evokes such passion in us. Beautiful, Nancy.

  10. Wow, great stuff Nancy. Did you ever show him this?


Your comments add wonderful flavors. Thank you!

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