Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Journal Past Blast - Deadened Hearts

Here’s another piece of writing I was surprised to come across in one of my journals. I’m not sure when in college it was written. Even though it’s near the end of the journal, sometimes, I’d write wherever I felt like it and not necessarily in page order. It’s one of those free writes that stemmed from emotions that were roiling around inside of me at the time.

The snow was falling on my head, on my toes, inside of me and my family. First it rippled on the outside, discoloring our skin. Then it melted and drained inside our hearts, freezing our vital organs. But only I noticed this. Only I noticed how our skin was slowly becoming a pinkish pallor; how our hearts, our very souls froze and dissolved into deadened facades. 


  1. This is a dark and deep piece of writing. And the fact that you use real life drama is thought provoking.

  2. This series (of posts) has made me remember how it was when I would have an idea grab me, and I'd race to jot it down before it faded. The ideas were colored by youthful angst (I'm not saying yours are) but they were full of color and emotion and I think they were a help. I am now carrying a notebook again, and it's fun to see the ideas rising again.

  3. Do you still write in your journals with this kind of poetic passion? I admire your use of words to express your heart.

  4. I love the depth of this. I can't remember if I became this poetic in my journals.


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