Sunday, August 4, 2013


I’m so glad that Yolanda Renee over at DEFENDING THE PEN is taking the helm of this blog tour for Salted With Fire today! She’s into writing everything… mysteries, thrillers, suspense, romance, horror, stories… does the list stop?? And she’s starting a new thing for us writers to get into. Get this… It’s called, Write… Edit… Publish. Isn’t that the whatsall to what we strive to do? Go on and get over to her place! 

While you're here, you can enter this Giveaway. 

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Here's the remaining schedule for the blog tour

Today's host:            DEFENDING THE PEN
Monday 8/5:             TheWriteGame
Tuesday 8/6:             Writing Through College
Wednesday 8/7:       Elise Fallson


  1. You are the awesome one Nancy! And the Write...Edit...Publish creation goes to Denise Covey L'Aussie Writer, it is all her doing - I'm just a cheerleader, but thank you for mentioning it. It will be an awesome opportunity for all writers!
    Congrats on such a wonderful tour, but especially on such a beautiful and inspirational book!


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