Friday, August 16, 2013

Celebrating a Great Week

This has been quite a good week, but one which has zapped my energy. In acknowledgement of the goodness of it, I have to do my part in VikLit’s weekly blog hop, Celebrate the Small Things.
  • This week, I truly enjoyed the Anti-blogfest Gary Fest. It got my imagination going wild. And it was great to meet Gary this past week.
  • It was nice to be tagged for The Next Best Thing again. Heads up! The magnificent Sheena-kay, who's so willing to help promote others, will be posting her Next Big Thing on Monday over at Queendsheena. Be sure to head over to her place to see what she’s up to.
  • I’d done two more interviews. One will be aired next week, while the other one was live on a blog radio/tv show called X Zone out of Canada on topics like alien abductions and loch nest monsters. It was a fun interview. Being so tired while listening to it over, I truly don’t know if I made any sense. If you’re interested, here’s the podcast of the show: X Zone interview
  • Lastly, I need help! I was so glad to assist a fellow blogger with her book promotion, and had added myself to her link to do so. She had emailed me the info, but I accidentally deleted it and can’t remember who it was for. If you know who it was, or if you are her, please email me again! I’m so sorry.

Happy celebrating. Be waiting for my visit over the weekend!


  1. More interviews, that's fabulous, well done. Sorry can't think who the deleted info might have been from, but I'm sure someone else will! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Congratulations on the interviews. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead :)

  3. Will be ready to wow on Monday. Yes the Garyfest was amazing and congrats on the interviews. Sorry about the accidental delete, it happens. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Sounds like a busy, productive week. How about going into your deleted messages and seeing if you can find the message?

  5. Ooh more interviews, well done! Looks like you've had a good week :)

  6. A good week indeed - and, Nancy, when you do something and share, as you do, it's always something good for those who read. Have a wonderful weekend (and I do hope your mother is well!)

    Diana at Diana Wilder – About Myself, by Myself

  7. Good job on your interviews, Nancy! Have a lovely weekend.

  8. The Gary Fest was great!
    Hope that author sees your post. I've not deleted information before, but I have misplaced it and forgot who sent it.

  9. The Gary Fest posts were fun to read.

    Hope you find the author you're searching for but makes me feel a bit better. I'm always losing contact information! Perhaps I should organize myself better.

  10. The Gary Fest was fun! Glad you had such a good week, Nancy... ME too!

    ENjoy your weekend!

  11. Yes, a great week and fun too!

    Got your book yesterday! Awesome! Thank you!

  12. Congrats on the interviews! Those are always fun.

  13. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. It's sad that that email has been thoroughly wiped out. I know it happened when I was cleaning up my emails and I must have mistook it as an email from when I was organizing my own blog hop. Well, I hope it's not too late and I hear from the blogger that it's for!

  14. Hey Nancy!

    Hang on, I have finally arrived, even without getting a clone. I think I appreciated you being part of that ironic anti-blogfest that went hippety hoppety all over the place :)

    Nice to be um "tagged", I suppose. I was tagged and I must stick to my commenting curfew.

    Hope that person contacts you in regards to the email you accidentally deleted.

    Interviews! Super. And an interview with a Canadian show. Plenty of "ehs", eh :)

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Must continue searching for a clone.

    Gary :)

  15. Thanks so much for the review, Nancy! I really appreciate it. :)

  16. Nancy!
    I was so busy I forgot to mention the Next Big Thing post when I came by and then I got all excited about Julie's book I got lost with her blog and didn't read this celebration post, sorry O_O Let's blame lack of sleep from dealing with two little demanding people lol Glad Raina (blog tour host) sent out another email because honestly I might not have thought it was me you were talking about... need some zzzzz soon lol

    Thank you for the tag and for the tour support :D

  17. Yes, trying to do complicated (and even simple) tasks when I'm tired, I'm bound to make mistakes, which was how I was when I deleted the email!

  18. Wow...really interesting interview. Glad you stopped by my blog. Have a good week! Sharon

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for listening Sharon!


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