Friday, August 2, 2013

So much I'm celebrating!

First a big THANKS to Medeia Sharif who’s hosting me today for the Salted With Fire blog tour! Head on over to her and see what she say’s!

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I also need to thank VikLit for her wonderful weekly blog hop, Celebrate the Small Things.

Here’s what I’m celebrating:

  • My blog tour is still going at some amazing bloggers homesteads!
  • I did two East Coast radio interviews this week. I’m only posting one, because the other takes a while to find, then you’ve got to fast forward. I believe I’ll get the recording of it.  
Click on It's All About You to listen to the live blog radio interview.
  • That I’m off of work every 1st Friday of the month. Thus, I'm off today!
The remaining brave and wonderful bloggers who are hosting my blog tour:

Today's host:             Medeia Sharif
Saturday 8/3:            PK Hrezo
Sunday 8/4:               DEFENDING THE PEN
Monday 8/5:             TheWriteGame
Tuesday 8/6:             Writing Through College
Wednesday 8/7:       Elise Fallson


  1. So glad the tour is going well and live interviews, wow that is worth celebrating. Enjoy your day off.

    1. Got lots of blogging to catch up to today and this weekend!

  2. Congratulations, truly awesome news and worth celebrating!

  3. Wonderful news for celebrating! And those 'brave bloggers' just know a good thing when they host it'!

  4. Congrats Nancy. Already visited Medeia. Wishing you lots of luck with Salted with Fire.

    1. Thanks for visiting both, and your well wishes.

  5. Congratulations on your interviews :)

  6. Sounds like you're having a blast! Good for you and have a wonderful weekend too:)

  7. Congrats on the interviews! I've been having fun following your blog tour :)

  8. If I has as much going on as you, I would celebrate, too!

  9. WOW Congrats on the blog tour and RADIO! that's v. exciting.

  10. You're on the radio? You go girl!
    Off to Medeia's place-------


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