Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for How's it been so far? + Indie Book Review: Ambassadors of Love

How’s this year been for you so far?

It’s the beginning of April; nearly half the year is over. By now, the holidays seem so far away. Though Easter is coming up, we don’t get time off for that blessed day. So for a while, it’s work work work! How are you making it through? Are you looking forward to work every day, whatever work is for you? Are you taking joy in whatever the weather is blowing your way? Looking forward to summer vacations, spring breaks, time with family?

Well, I’ve been blessed. Last year was a good year, and this year is following suit so far. I’ve been busy and not blogging for a while (so glad to be involved with the AtoZ), but I’m taking entrepreneurship classes, writing, editing, reading, reviewing, and coming up with future book ideas.

However the year’s going for you, I pray it only gets better and continues to do so!

9/11/01 The day the world wept. The day that Karen, a young expecting mother watches her husband Jeff fly away on a plane before she leaves for her job at The World Trade Center. A day that a man named Mohammad, a man who fled a brutal dictator learns that all people in America doesn’t believe in a melting pot. 9/11/01 A day that tore a Christian rock band apart and gave a young pastor who was losing his faith the strength to go on. This book explores not the horrors of 9/11/01 but the love lessons learned on that day. Join Author Patti Sassy Angel Chiappa on this emotional ride of love, faith, friendship and joy on the darkest day in the world's history.

My Review

Ambassadors of Love tells the story of one group of friends during the tragedy of the terrorist bombings on September 11, 2001. The story is a heart-warming one that speaks of God’s love and grand design for his children. You get a good background of each character and a subplot of God’s angels working to fulfill his divine plan. The book would be dynamic if not for the myriad of grammatical, technical and word-choice errors. A decent editor could change that and make the novel significantly more touching and satisfying.

You can get Ambassadors of Love from for $0.99

About the Author

Patti Chiappa has written twelve books and monitors the Facebook Page, I Need Book Reviews, where people swap reads and reviews, all while fighting cancer. She hopes to promote her books, all which were written from the heart, to help with her nieces’ college fund.


  1. Thanks for sharing this review. I was wondering when the 911 books would be coming out. I expect it is still such a painful spot in the American psyche that any book has to tread lightly.

    My year has not been as blessed as yours. Many many challenges that have dried up my muse. I am looking for the lessons as I know they are there. :)

  2. Sorry you have to work during Easter. Thanks for the review.

  3. My year has been busy, but good busy. We've managed to travel more then normal which both hubby and I both love. Glad you're back into it with the a-z, it really does help us get going on the blogging. I was doing really well for awhile then fell off the wagon; so glad to kick start again with the a-z. Nancy, would you please leave the url to your actual blog post and not the google+ page, they are so cumbersome to look through to find actual blog posts, and much much faster, if you leave the url to your actual blog post, people can visit you with one click instead of multiple clicks. Happy Blogging.

    Traveling Suitcase A-Z


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