Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M is for Moving It Along

M is for Moving It Along

You know when negative demons try and take you down, destroy your dreams and make you feel no one will ever understand you, much less love you? Those are the moments I’m talking about that need to get moving along.

Those moments when hopes begin to get lifted only to be dashed down even lower? Move them along. When you start to feel crushed because you’ve convinced yourself no one will ever get the jewels of what you’re writing? Move those thoughts along too. When the devil tries to plant in your heart that you won’t succeed? Definitely move that devil along, and even crush it!

Instead, move toward what God put in your heart to do and trust that his plan is the most rewarding, worth waiting for to come to fruition, and is the most divine. Hold on to God’s promises. And every other conflicting experience and thought? Move them right along!


  1. Never giving up is how you keep negativity at bay. God is an essential element of strength.

  2. Amen, Nancy.
    And when we're there once again with God we should be still to hear him. I should take my own advice as I feel that I'm not exactly edifying God.
    Never give in because He is with you.

    1. We all need to have reminders that God is always with us and for us. Thanks for coming over Fanny! I do miss posting more regularly.


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