Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I, Eye or Aye? + The Remaining Giveaway Winners

Ingenious? At times. Infallible? Not even close. Inaccurate, i.e., wrong? Not too often, but it happens. :)

Don't you hate it when sometimes your brain in thought works faster than your brain can work in choosing the right word? Okay, I don't think I've ever written I for eye, or even aye instead of eye. But just as I was typing this, my fingers started typing the word write instead of "right" word.

Everyone knows the craziness of the English language, how fun yet frustrating it is. So, I thought I'd do a little experiment with homonyms and mistyping, and write using the wrong word, while getting in just a wee bit of complaining. Here it goes:

How horrible it is win ewe put out sew much in formation a bout an upcoming occurrence and real eyes ewe got it wrong! All of you're family, co-workers, Facebook friends, were tolled too bee in front of the, lets say TV, at a certain thyme and our to, lets say watch an enter view of ewe, thin learn that it wasn't shown! How terribly embarrassing! Now, tomorrow aye half to show up two work and fill like I'm eating hum bowl pi because people sat en front of there TVs too watch a show they never wood half were it naught four me. 

Next thyme, wheel they even lis in two me, oar wheel it bee like The Boy Who Cried Wolf and eye we'll never bee believed again? 

Sew, its true. My debut TV enter view didn't heir last knight, all tho they did introduce my book and tale of the up-coming book signing. Hopefully next weak it wheel bee on. Wheel sea! 

It wasn't as easy as you would think to get the wrong words in! How hard was it for you to read and understand it all the way through?

And now... 

...for the real fun stuff - the winners of the Amazon gift cards and gag gifts from my Most Amazing Giveaway.

Two $10 Amazon gift cards (Winners were randomly drawn from those who expressed an interest to enter the giveaway) The winners are:

1. The Queen, Sheena-Kay Graham
2. The Father Dragon himself, Al Diaz

    (Emails were sent to you yesterday regarding my eBook. Please let me know you received the email so I'll know I have your correct email to send you the gift card. I'd like to send them by Friday.)

Two gag gifts. The randomly selected winners are:

1. Suzanne Furness
2. Tyrean Martinson

    Not true "gag" gifts, they are something that I think you'll enjoy!
    (Please send me an address to where I can mail you your gift.)

*** Emails for the download of the eBook version of Anticipation of the Penitent were mailed out to the winners yesterday. If you did not receive it, please let me know. To see if you're on the list of winners, you can check here.


  1. Yay another prize! Thanks, Nancy. I wonder what it is. Thanks again for a fun giveaway.

  2. YA!!! I have to check my email but thank you!! Yes I've been a victim of the word mix up myself.

    1. And yes you have the right email for me. Reponded to you by email as well.

  3. 8-O I can't believe my ayes, hahahaha! I won! Holy scales, good fortune is smiling at me this month. Thank you, Nancy. I already sent you a mail and already downloaded your book. :D
    Congratulations to the other winners!

  4. Congrats to the winners!! This was such a fun giveaway you did, Nancy. And I cracked up about the post, I find the more I use the computer the more I am constantly typing the wrong words. My brain definitely moves faster than my fingers, or maybe it's the other way around LOL.

  5. Yay for the winners. And oh my, I bet it was harder to write with all the wrong words than you thought it would be!

  6. Fun post! I make the most stupid typos when I'm thinking too fast for my fingers!
    Visiting from the A-Z Challenge
    Paula Martin

  7. You're pretty good an mixing up that a compliment, or not? :)

  8. Congrats to the winners! And yeah, my brain had a very difficult time understanding all the misspellings. I gave up halfway through. haha

  9. Nancy that was fun reading your rantings with all the wrong words. I know it was hard to write that way, but was it fun? It looks fun.

    Sorry about your debut interview not being shown while everyone was waiting with bated breath to see it. I wish it was showing in my neck of the woods, I would've definitely been one of the ones waiting to see it. Hopefully, you'll get the showing you deserve next time.

    Also, congratulations to all the winners.

    1. It WAS so fun, almost like a word puzzle game. :)

      That's so okay. When I find out when they will actually air it, I can make sure all my family watches and records it!

  10. Congrats to the other winners! I'm sure they'll watch. Some people are really excited to see someone they know on TV, and would probably try maybe five times before giving up on your wolf cries. :)

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:

    1. Thanks Kristen for making me feel so much less like a heel! :)

  11. Oh goodness. Reading that gave me a headache :P Congrats to the winners!

    Writing Through College

  12. Great post. There are so many words in our language that sound the same but have different meanings/spellings. It makes our work that much harder.

  13. One of the words I most frequently have to correct is 'today' - I type it out as 'toady'. hehe


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