Monday, April 15, 2013

Merry Monday to You!

Yep, it's Monday! Let us rejoice that we have made it to another work week, for it is a week the Lord has made.

Mondays are good because they start you off with how well you'll reach your goals for the week. This week's goals for me are:

1.  Write Biblical discussions for two flash fiction stories for my WIP Salted With Fire, and figure out what the discussion will be for one story in particular. It's kinda tricky because the story is from the point of view of an animal, but it can be done.

2.  Keep up with this amazing A-Z Challenge blog hop posts.

3.  Visit blogs that I've gotten behind on while ill, including new ones I'm visiting based on the list, and my assigned blog list for being one of Spunky's Soldiers.

4. And the easiest goal of all: Thank everyone for the get well wishes and prayers! They put smiles on my face, and I'm sure they worked, as I am MUCH better. THANK YOU!!!

Enjoy these Merry Moon pictures I took in Greece several years ago. May you be hypnotized by their beauty and mystique. 


  1. I'm liking your goals. Sounds like you have a full week ahead of you. Great pictures of the moon!
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  2. You were in Greece? Lucky! Best of luck with your goals.

    1. Yes, for three weeks several years ago. Pretty nice.

  3. I love pulling out my calendar book and setting goals for the week-- is good to have a focus.

  4. Beautiful pics of the moon!

    Great goals, you'll be one busy lady for sure. On that note, have a happy Monday ;)

  5. So glad you're feeling much better! The moon pics are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your goals for the week. :)

  6. I'm glad you're feeling better and I love your pictures of the moon. Very nice :)

  7. Love your moon pictures, very beautiful and so glad you are feeling better. Thank you for my surprise gift which was waiting when I got home from work today. They are great, I love them and will think of you when I use them! Bet everyone is wondering what the gift was now. I'll have to put a pic up on my blog later in the week!

    Wishing you well with your goals.

    1. Silly me meant to take a picture of them before I mailed them out to post them later, but I had forgotten. I may see if I can find a picture on line or go to the store to take a picture of them to post later. Glad you liked them. :)

  8. Nice to hear that you're feeling better!

    Great pictures, too :)

  9. I love your moon pictures!
    Happy Monday! And we're at the midway mark in the challenge!

    Writer In Transit

  10. The moon is so hard to capture in a picture but those are fabulous. The bigger the moon is the better.

    1. Thank you Jackie. The moon does draw me in. :)

  11. Those are beautiful photos! You've got a great list there!

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:

  12. Hi, Nancy,

    Those pics are magnificent!

    SO happy to hear you are feeling better. Good luck with your goals this week!

  13. This is such a nice post! A nice, simple list of your goals for the week and a great reminder that Monday is a chance to look at a new check-off list: a challenge to be conquered! Makes me feel optimistic about Mondays :). Glad you're feeling better.

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