Sunday, April 7, 2013

Winners of Anticipation of the Penitent

I am so happy to announce the winners of the eBook version of my book, Anticipation of the Penitent:

If I have missed anyone, I'm so sorry. Just send me a note.

In case you have forgotten what it’s all about, here’s the short pitch for Anticipation of the Penitent:

When Alezea is trapped by the Devil, she bears him a son and knows her life will never be her own. She is the mother of Thomas, a man reared by Satan to be a killer of life’s most innocent – little girls. After she finds a way out, Alezea will risk her very soul to free Thomas from his father. The fight to save her son will either redeem her or destroy her forever. Rachel knows Thomas’ history, yet she believes her presence can transform him. Her belief in Thomas might send her further into the Devil’s realm or provide an opening for God’s miracles in both of their lives.

***The winners of the $10 Amazon gift cards and gag gifts will be announced this week, after I've made sure no one is missed for the random drawings. All winnings will be sent out by Friday, April 12, 2013.

Thank you everyone who expressed your desire to enter this Most Amazing Giveaway!


  1. Aww thanks, Nancy. I look forward to reading your book :)

  2. Congrats to the winners and and excellent blurb :)

  3. Whoa! I won! I am so happy I'll do the bouncing on tail dragon break dance. :D Thank you, Nancy!

  4. Yay!!! I won!
    Thank you Nancy! I am so happy!
    *virtual high-5*

    Writer In Transit

  5. Thank you so much, I'm looking forward to it!


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