Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Getting Personal - Journal Past Blast Blog Hop

Because of the holiday yesterday, I had forgotten to do my Tuesday Journal Past Blast, so it’s way late. But here is a poem I wrote maybe in 1990. This might be as personal as I may get in these postings.

Chris… saying grace with you
         telling secrets
         sleeping over
         let’s not make love
Deceiving our emotions
         digging a new path
I’m fearing what may lie ahead
         being turned on by a glance
Call me tonight because
         I need you.

If you’d like to join this blog hop and post old journal entries every Tuesday, just join in on the linky below.


  1. Thanks for sharing Nancy - you're braver than I :)

    Obviously I don't know what happened, but I hope you have fond memories of that time... it sounds like Chris was very special to you.

  2. You said a lot in those few words. At times, I think we all have had our own 'Chris' moments.

  3. What a great idea for a hop although I never really kept a journal so can't join in. This sounds like a personal and special time in your life.

  4. Sweet poem, we all need someone. I might take part in this next week.

  5. Nancy - this is a great idea for a hop . . . however, I'm trying to cut back on my blogging days . . .I'll see if I can make this work in the next few weeks.

    You are awesome! (I'm just a little swamped)

  6. sweet and sentimental! glad you shared that piece of your past!

  7. Oh my gosh... I totally felt that poem. I did. It was beautiful---a lovely highlight to my morning, Nancy!

  8. That's an intense poem, Nancy. Would love to join your bloghop, but I've never really kept a journal or diary before.

  9. So intimate and eloquent and yes, intense.

  10. I liked that poem....very powerful stuff.

  11. What a wonderful poem, Nancy. So much emotion in so little words.

  12. Very deep words went into that poem, I'm sure we can all relate ;)

    Like M.J., I would love to join but never had a journal or diary before. I hope it kicks off though, its an awesome idea!

  13. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments!
    @ Mark K. - Yep, he was special for a time.
    @Jen - I'm 'bout ready for another "Chris" moment!
    @Suzanne & M.J. - I'm surprised with how many writers never kept journals
    @Sheena-kay - I hope you do!
    @Tyrean - I do understand. Blogging does take up so much time, but of course would love you joining in if you find the time
    @Tara - Thanks! Had to get over the nerves to post it. :)
    @Morgan - I never thought of it as a morning poem! ;)
    @Julie, Mark M. & Cathrina - Thanks! Love your inputs.
    @S.K - I tell you, I've been melancholic all day after posting this!

  14. This is a cool idea. I have posted a couple of my teenage journal entries and might post on a Tuesday. It's fun to re-live the past through journals.

    1. It would be great to see how you were as a teen. Unfortunately, I don't have anything saved before my college days since my last move and my file cabinet was lost.

  15. Wow-ee, Wow, Wow.....is all I can say. Nice glimpse of your personal side.


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