Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Friday Celebrating the Small Things

Happy Friday, from one of VikLit's Celebrate the Small Things blog hoppers!

This week's celebrations are:
  1. I’m excited that I registered Writer’s Mark Publications as a business, which I hope will later become much more than just a name.
  2. I did my first guest post at b00k Please check it out …here.
  3. I’m also grateful for:
            the sunshine
            you wonderful bloggers
            a critique partner that may very well go the long haul :)


  1. I have a dream business too. I want to make Queendsheena into more than just a blog. I used to write about that more when I first started my blog. But it's still a goal of mine. I want it to be like Virgin, a hand in everything.

    Congrats on having things to celebrate and I believe Writer's Market Publications will be more than just a name because I believe in you Nancy. Will check out your review, a great critique partner is hard to find and I hope I'm one of those wonderful bloggers. *grins* Yay sunshine!

    Oh and please check out my Faerie Prince Bloghop post. There'll be no Friday post today and I worked real hard on it. Maybe too hard, don't freak out when you see how long it took me at the end. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. I so love your comments here. Sorry it took so long for me to respond - hadn't been online for too long at a time. I will make it to your post. Writer’s Mark

  2. Lovely things to be grateful for Nancy. Congrats on registering your business.

  3. Congrats on registering your business, that is definitely worth celebrating. Enjoy the weekend :)

  4. Hey there! We just nominated you for a Wordpress Family Award. Please come on over to our blog on June 6th to find out what the heck that is. Juliet atCity Muse Country Muse

  5. Congratulations on your business, I'd love to be part of a publishing business one day, but it's such a hard industry to get in to!

  6. What great things to celebrate! Congrats on registaring your buisness!!! So exciting!

  7. Congratulations in registering Writer's Mark Publications as a business, the name fits PERFECTLY!

    Glad you found a great CP, I'll go check out the guest post later :D

  8. Wonderful! Good for you and congrats on your guest post.

  9. Excellent! I'm sure you'll make that business grow. And congratulations on your guest post too and your CP. I leave you dragon hugs.

  10. Congrats on your registration. I did the same thing but haven't made it a real business yet.

  11. Congratulations! Sound like a big step this week.

    I joined the blogfest today

  12. Congrats on registering your business!!!

  13. Good luck with making your business shine. I'm headed over to read your first guest post.

  14. You definitely mean to leave your mark, by registering Writers Mark Publications! Well done Nancy!
    Sunshine, blogger buddies & CP's = yay, yay and yay!


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