Friday, April 27, 2012


It’s something not to talk about,
given that most times I see myself as I was
and not as I am. 

People come in and say,
“Ah! Happy birthday, young lady!”
and I wish I could spit at them. 
If I wanted to celebrate
my birthday
with anyone other than myself
I’d be on Facebook.  

Instead, I try my best to stay within,
dreaming of all the ghosts of my past,
remembering the true birthday celebrations of
my youth.

At this point,
birthdays are a commemoration of
approaching death.  
Why would I want people to say
in essence,
their true words of,
“Happy near death! Look at you
knocking on death’s door! God bless you”?

I’d like to say to them,
“Stop letting the Grim Reaper
know I’m close!” 

What I grumble instead,
while waving them away is,
“Truck it all to h….”

- Maybe you'll have some insight when an elderly is in a sourly mood. :)


  1. My dear, being much much older than you, I can say, I still don't feel that way about birthdays, except for the part about feeling the same inside as always, since the spirit is never born and never dies. For me, each birthday comes as a surprise and a milestone on the road back to God. The poem was very good however. bright blessing, Nikki

  2. You've got a long way to go to reach that point! Which I'm sure you will never attain that mentality. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Blessings to you.


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