Monday, April 9, 2012

Taking One Small Step

   Taking one small step,
knowing there's love at the end.
How do I endure talking?
How do I feel secure?
How do I throw away the hurts
from my youth?

Taking a big leap forward,
knowing God will not let me fall.
Will I show myself under a microscope
and fear my flaws are indelible?
Will I hide my true face,
not knowing what it looks like?
Will I let myself cry and
welcome the comforting hand of my love?

                        Running far ahead,
there's no fear about where I'll end.
My God will lead my love and me
on a righteous journey.
I will be embraced and will open my heart
to the bounty of love found.
I will gratify my Lord with the sacrifice
of following His will.
I will start by taking one small step.

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