Sunday, April 1, 2012

God's Words

I wrote this several years ago when insecurities had a much greater grip on me.   I thank God everyday for the growth he's doing in me!

God’s Words

I try not to take it for granted that God has given me so much. I wish to acknowledge to Him that I am so blessed and erase those feelings, those inner words that tell me that I am less than, not worthy, can’t be accepted. Those are lies from the devil.

But because of those lies, I have to learn to live my life as more than, worthy of, and accepted.

When I interact with others, those old feelings, those words, are woven within, and it appears to others that something is missing inside of me, and there is no connection. At least the connection can’t go beyond the superficial.

How do I open up to people, let them inside, when I feel so less than, so not worthy, so unacceptable?

Yet, God tells me I am more than, I am worthy, I am accepted, and I am loved, and I am valued.

I need to plant those words from God within my being to kill the weeds of those other lies. I need to let God’s words grow; filling me so there is no room for the others.

Then maybe, definitely, I can open up without fear; can let people in knowing they will not be disgusted. Indeed, they will see the growth of God’s words and be delighted.

If I can let them in.

Yes I can let them in. Yes I will let them in.

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