Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Writers' Apex

Now that I have a direction of road to follow for my new book, Michtam's Hubris, I will hopefully reenter my writing ritual of at least one hour a day of writing. I'm getting excited about it, because although I feel strongly about the topic (which I have not yet revealed), I wasn't "feeling" what I'd written before today. Now I am and I see several side stories.

For those of us who write (and God bless us), I'm sure we've all had our battles with writer's block or lack of stimulation for a current project. We want everything we write to be gripping, intelligent, and perfectly written the first time out the gate, so to speak. I've learned, however, while completing Anticipation of the Penitent, that it's important to just write, without much consideration for editing grammatically or story wise. Otherwise, little more than a sentence a day will be created. It's that "feeling" we have while writing that matters. If we have that excitement, and are even able to reach that apex of "getting into the zone," where we're pecking out pages and pages with little breaks, then that's joy.

Later, after writing for that day or week, and we reread what we've written, then we can edit just enough to get our feelings through the words. I've come across many times that after writing something that was very moving to me as I wrote it, I found later was lost in bad grammar, lack of imaginative descriptions, and unclear connections. But that can be fixed more completely later, as many things will need to be fixed later. We've just got to continue writing with that inner excitement and keep trying to reach that apex.

So far today, I've written for about forty minutes on the book. I've got to write at least twenty minutes more today. Pray for me that this ritual remains strong, endures, and that a first draft of my new book will be completed this year! That too would be joy.


  1. I have no idea about how many hours were spent on the book I wrote. I have let it sit for long periods of time. When I go back to it, it is clearer and I am more objective. I am unable to write, if I have a job, except in my head on the commutes. I find that in rereading and editing the past writing, I will become caught up in the writing again. I sort of need to have my engine primed. I admire people who can set a specific amount of time for writing each day. That hasn't been my way. I try not to make promises to myself, that I will inevitably feel bad about breaking. The best of it, is when that muse takes you and you write for hours on end and have no idea where the day went. Writing is a demanding mistress. I continue to be impressed with your energy and commitment and talent. All the best with your new project. Nikki

  2. I wrote this on another post, which I should have posted as a comment on this one. Any way:OK, so an hour everyday of writing was too ambitious. Maybe after my vacation, I'll get more into a routine of writing at least four days a week for about forty-five minutes or so. That's what I did with Anticipation of the Penitent. How hubristic of me to think I could do more when I hadn't written regularly since completing the book! Anyway, although I will be writing, I will give myself 'til after the first week of June to get into a regular writing routine.

    That's what I wrote before your comment Nikki. But I think it's important to have a writing routine. I didn't when I first started the book, and it sat for years before I really got into writing it. By the last half, I had an on-again off-again routine. I'm looking forward to next week when I'll have TIME to write!!!


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