Monday, April 23, 2012

The Platform Continues

Now that the book is totally here, I’ve got to be more prolific in my writing to continue the blog posts. I know there are several of you who are still reading the novel, and I hope more of you do so. I appreciate this, and again, I am happy to receive any comments made in love, which doesn’t mean they have to be positive, just positively honest and constructive, including constructive criticism. I’m still actively seeking an agent and expanding my platform.  Thus, the Platform Momentum continues.

I do have a couple of stories that aren’t Christian, and even dark in nature (my secret side becomes more revealed), and I’m considering whether to post them. Yes, they’re even a little more dark that my novel and without the Christian messages and theology. Since that goes against the title and intent of my blog, I may bypass those stories and generate some more appropriate topics. There are other platforms where I can put those forth if I'd like.

I want to ask:  What have you enjoyed most (or least), the poetry, stories or ideas?  I know there are only a couple of stories so far, but how do they fair?

Thank you again for continuing to read Writer’s Mark, and God bless!

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