Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 reflections, 2013 goals - & a writing prompt

The countdown is on! And I am excited about this new year. Will it be a year of transformation? stronger faith? new directions and convictions? stronger families?

I am definitely all about self-improvement. While accepting that God loves me as I am, he also wants me to grow. Yes, he wants me to accomplish my dreams, but he also wants me to rely on him in their fulfillment.

So, I have a lot of expectations for this coming year. And I'm preparing. I've begun my time management schedule, and will complete it to start on New Year's Day.

2012 has been a good year for me. I published my first novel. I paid off all my debt, except one student loan. (I did backslide a bit and put myself into another small debt, but that has been paid off as well.) And I feel I've grown a great deal in my relationship with God.

2013 goals?
  • To complete my second book
  • Become infused in marketing and selling my first
  • Shall I dare say, become more organized? By that I mean neater.
  • Push myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to relating with people
  • Strengthen my prayer life
  • Trust God in all things

Here's a last writing prompt for 2012. It's a broad one and can be about anything. Please feel free to post your writing to this prompt as a comment:  Strength

Have a wonderful, happy New Year everybody!!


  1. Here's my response to the prompt:

    Henry took out a pinch of the spinach and felt like a fool. How could he even consider doing this at 43 years old? His own ten year old son would laugh at him and would probably never see him as the hero he did just a few months ago, before it all started.

    But he had no other option. To tell the truth, he got sick of looking for other ways out and he didn't care if he looked like a fool. He wanted only to slow his mind down for one hour and not witness the world become vanquished. Just about everyone else in his small sea town already left. What else could he do?

    Dropping the pinch of spinach back into the can, he used several fingers to grab as much of the dark green, slithery veggies he could and downed them in one gulp, barely putting forth the effort to chew. Henry forced back the gag reflex and woofed down another gob.

    Before the last stringy stem slid down his throat, he felt the change happen. Stiff, short hairs began to push out on his chin, which itself jutted forward and became two mounds of tough roundness. His eyes squinted, the hair on his head disappeared, and a small corn-colored pipe stuck out of his sneering mouth. Automatically, his arms swung to the side of him, their immense weight pulling his lanky torso forward as Henry charged at the oncoming brute.

    "Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye," Henry laughed out loud as he clobbered the hairy brute on the jaw, sending him flying out of his shoes. "And don't you come back this way again!"

    It was over an hour before Henry's former self returned. Gone were the alien ships and it's enormous and evil leader. By then, his townsfolk had witnessed the fleeing of the ships and began to make their way back home. His son ran up to him, "Dad! You were terrific! You are my hero!"

    "I yam what I yam, son! No one else wanted to risk contaminating themselves with the only spinach those brutes left after gorging themselves on our greenery. Let's get your mother and go on home."

  2. Excellent goals! God never wants us stagnant.
    I have a decision to make for next year and am just waiting on God to help me make the right decision.

    1. That's exciting Alex. Anticipation of something new can be wonderful and scary. May you get your answer soon.

  3. I'm with Alex on this. I am stepping out on faith, like the Israelites, dipping my toes into the water and waiting to see if God will part the sea. Scary? A little, but mostly just so very exciting. I love new beginnings, if only in a the turn of a calendar page. Best to you Nancy in the coming year.

    1. Best to you too Julie. New directions can be scary, but I'm glad you seem more excited about it. Wish you the greatest convictions in your decision.

    2. Thank you. I'm glad you like it, and I invite you to join.

  4. It sounds like you have some great goals. I'm sure you'll achieve them. Happy New Year!

  5. Good luck with your goals. With God, everything is possible, right?

  6. Good luck with your goals. Happy 2013 :)

  7. Thank you all for your wishes, and I wish you all the best year yet!

  8. Trusting in God in all things is the source of strength. Blessings for 2013!


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