Sunday, December 23, 2012

Stories, Resolutions, and Merry Christmas!

Here's a start of a story that will be put on the back burner:
Standing at the edge, I looked down at fifty feet of cutting crags and rigorous, smashing waves, and tried to imagine what she went through. I could not understand how anyone could go through that. Especially Danta. She seemed to have everything, and she went about her day as if all was perfect. After learning otherwise, I took it upon myself to find out how she could fool so many people and how her life had gotten out of control.
That was three years ago. Today I stand again at the same edge with Danta's daughter by my side, considering how I had uncovered more answers to my questions than I thought I ever would. And now I had to explain to Danta's ten-year-old daughter why she could not live with her relatives and why we had to find Harold. Once we find Harold, only then could she have peace and, for the first time in her short life, be introduced to the child inside of her she never knew existed.

Will someone tell me how I can write everyday without the nagging voices in my head telling me I don't have the time or ability?!?

I am looking forward to developing my time management New Year's Eve resolution plan, so then I can be organized and do all the things I need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. (I'll try not to worry about the bi-weekly or two to three times a week chores, because something's just got to go by the wayside.)

Here are a couple of other networking sites I've recently learned about:
Absolute Write - I've known about this site for a long time, because it's helped me in researching on so many topics, but never knew I could join! This is a bars none site when it comes to getting answers regarding literary agents, publishing companies, writing, etc. You can also promote your work once you've made enough posts to do so. The conversations and games on this site make it worth the wait.
Author's Den - Another site for promoting your work, including novels, stories and poetry, and for networking. I've just learned of this one, and it seems like there's a lot you can do on it.

For other marketing ideas click on this previous post: Marketing Updates and Ahhg!

I hope these are helpful, and I wish everyone the most delightful, sweet, warm, welcoming, God and laughter-filled, wish granting, special family/friend and "me time" Christmas Day of your life!


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