Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dig Deep Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt for 12/1/12:  Happily married, but....

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  1. Charles didn't say anything when he left that morning, leaving Haven feeling unsure. He gave her a quick peck on the check, grabbed his keys and headed out. She didn't know what she expected, maybe for him to not leave and find some excuse to put off returning to work one more day. She wished that he at least pretended he didn't want to return to work yet.

    Staring at the door, Haven wished Charles would return and give her a real kiss. They had not been married two weeks, and she felt that was too soon for a quick peck and off to work.

    She knew they were happy. They'd had a beautiful wedding and a fun, though short, honeymoon in Mexico. Still, she was worried. However she expected the day after her honeymoon to be, this was not it, and her heart weighed heavily within, reminding her that she had known Charles for only two months.

    "That shouldn't matter," she thought, "because we are so much alike." With tears streaming down her face, she considered what her mother would say if she returned home. She knew her mother would be happy to file an annulment herself.

    Looking around the small apartment that belonged to Charles, everything looked bleak. She stood up and walked to her room to take her luggage from the closet. Focused on her misery, Haven jumped in alarm when the phone rang. Feeling stupid, and ready to hang up on a telemarketer, Haven's face beamed when she heard Charles' voice. Only he sounded distant, his voice muffled from static.

    "Charles?" Haven asked warily.

    "I can't come," Charles said. "I don't know what happened. I can't see anything. Help me."

    The line went dead, and Haven stood frozen with the phone against her cheek.


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