Thursday, December 13, 2012

"The Next Big Thing" posts continue

I'm very excited that two of my tagged bloggers have completed their posts of "The Next Big Thing." Please be sure to check out their sites:

 Ann Marie Thomas has opened the gates to write about a topic no one else seems to have written about. Historical non-fiction about the origins of a particular 13th century castle that seems as exciting as it is interesting.

Marilyn Lesser Katz is putting another notch into her greatest fiction interest: Zombie apocalypse! She's more interested in how the horror started than how they go about eating each other. Quite intriguing.

Let's continue to support the players in this very fun blog hop!


  1. Such great way to get to know other authors and their works. Thanks, Nancy.

  2. Hi Nancy: Stopping by from LinkedIn -- lovely blog! Your book looks interesting.

  3. Thank you Sally. Glad you made it by.


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