Sunday, December 2, 2012

Writing Prompt - Success is here

Writing prompt for 12/2/12:  You're at the brink of success - What does it look like? How does it feel?

Post your writing as a comment. For instructions, please click this link, "Writing Prompts to Build a Community".

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  1. The edge of the cliff

    Looking down the edge of this cliff, something in my spirit wills me to step off and let the soaring feeling envelop and seem to crush my being. At the bottom, logic tells me I would definitely be reduced to mush. But the promise is that there is no bottom. Instead, I will continue to soar, at times plateauing, with maybe a few dips along the journey. But no bottom.

    The end will be seeing my God face-to-face, and him telling me that he is pleased with each of my efforts to be obedient to him. He will tell me that he knows the times I failed by closing my ears to him, but that the moments when I halted my desired actions and did what he asked, thrilled him to no end, and he and the angels celebrated his joy in me with song and blessings.

    Looking down into the abyss, I don't see darkness and there is no fear. The exalted joy I feel is from knowing that even when logic tells me there is a bottom and I will be destroyed if I take that leap, I know that God is carrying me every time I step off the edge.

    The edge of this cliff is the unknowingness of where God is leading me, but trusting wholeheartedly that he is guiding me and I will be safe, blessed and will soar until I've reached him face-to-face.


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