Monday, December 3, 2012

Meet Blogger & Writer Renee McKinley

Renee McKinley is the first highlighted writer from the writing prompts over the last week. 

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This is the prompt she commented on:  You're staring at a completely set Thanksgiving table loaded with the most amazing feast in a room that's decked out in fine celebration style, but you are the only one there.

Here’s Renee McKinley's writing from that prompt, a descriptive and sad piece that moved me:

The centerpiece had been designed with care and an eye to autumn hues. Each place setting perfectly assembled. The turkey nestled on the gold rimmed platter, crisped skin shining with the remains of basting. Bowls of potatoes, mashed white and candied sweet, waited patiently with the cranberry sauce. Fresh from the oven pies filled the space with cinnamon and ginger, and a hint of chocolate. 

She peeked through the curtain again, checking the drive way for their arrival. Slowly the feast cooled, the gravy congealed. She sat silently at the empty table, waiting. As she had waited every Thanksgiving for the last five years. 

This is what Renee McKinley has to say about herself:

I have 2 blogs, my creative writing blog, where I write for different prompts and sometimes just let my muse go. I usually write in the fantasy/mild horror genre.  I'm just a weirdo at heart. Elsetime & Otherwhen

And my personal, where I rant about my job, husband, and just stuff.  It's pretty boring really. Random Rants

My blog also has a  facebook fan page

 In my not writing life, I co-own a small restaurant with my daughter.  I love crochet, bowling, cats and my grandkids.  

I really enjoy all fiber arts, I've spun my own yarn and would love to learn to weave.  

Great job, Renee! I hope readers here will click on the links to her blogs and experience more of her writing.  

**To celebrate and keep her in the highlight, the next writing prompt will not be until Friday, December 7. Feel free to add to the prior writing prompts. I'm looking forward to highlighting more people!


  1. That was fun! Nice to meet you, Renee.

  2. Thank you so much for the feature Nancy. I'm a little late on the internets this week, so I'm trying hard to catch up.

    1. No prob. It's a fun thing to do, and I hope to get more people to join in on the prompts.

  3. Great story here. I could see a whole novel starting right there. I'm already hooked by the story and trying to make up my own version of why she's been doing this for 5 sad. She should've called me! LOL.

    1. I so agree with you, Shell Flower. Most likely, considering what I know about Renee, the women's probably a lone survivor in a land overtaken by zombies, but she is totally in denial about it!

    2. I do go for the weird twist. Thanks, Shell Flower for stopping by. :-)


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