Friday, December 7, 2012

Daily writing prompts??

Okay, I'm starting to get that with all the relating and sharing and blog hopping going on in this crazy webisphere, doing daily writing prompts is not feasible. I do wish to get involved more with these blog fests and hops, and don't want to overwhelm the webisphere with those, my own posts and daily writing prompts.

So, I'll change it to "Occasional Writing Prompts," because I still do love doing them, and I realized that these last few days of not doing them have left be a bit creatively depressed.

I'm still figuring out how often to do them. But here's the one for today, anyway, then we'll go from there.

Writing Prompt for 12/7/12: What's your favorite temperature? It could be the temperature for, food, travel, living, body...the list goes on.

Again, the post could be any genre of writing, just post as a comment, up to 300 words.


  1. Smoothly, his hand moves, glides
    across my arm, leaving a trail
    of humidity in its wake.

    Droplets of his heat rise on
    my skin, and he takes my hand,
    silken and shaken,
    into his.

    Words aren't spoken,
    it's time to listen.

    The sound of "hush"
    comes from us both, quieting
    the vibrations of our hearts that
    diminish our ability to hear.

    Our hands meld into one,
    knowing this is how it should be.
    Our arms draw closer, our steps
    in line, and we arrive.

    There is nothing left,
    but to affirm the commands -
    Honor. Love. Keep God with.

    Only after, do we vow and alight
    in our first kiss as one.

  2. Body temperature, preferably my wife's.
    That short enough?
    Yes, sometimes it's difficult to keep up with all of it! I only post three days a week, so some things I just can't do.

    1. That's pretty short Alex!

      But it's not that I can't do a daily prompt, it's just that it would pretty much take over the blog and other interactions and postings wouldn't be in the forefront for long enough. This weekend has been crazy busy though, so prompts would have been difficult.

  3. Perhaps offering them weekly will help ease the load. Most prompt sites I frequent have this schedule. This allows those who can't make it by on prompt day the week to come post, and also a week for reading and constructive critique.

    Hope that helps in your decision. I love the fact that you're offering them! But yes, it's been crazy lately.

    1. Yes, that helps. The difficult part will be remembering to do them on a particular day. Daily is an easy reminder. Guess it would help to put it on my calendar!

  4. Nancy, with so much going on, I find it hard to do a daily 300 word writing prompt. There's just not enough time in the day to get everything accomplished, including tending to my own manuscript. So although I love visiting your blog, a daily writing prompt isn't feasible for me at this time. Though I will continue to visit.

    Mike's (ML) idea of a weekly prompt or doing it occasionally as you've suggested seems more doable for people overwhelmed with life and social media.


Your comments add wonderful flavors. Thank you!

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