Monday, November 26, 2012

4th time's the charm for these exercises

Write 200 words (yes, I've doubled it. I think 100 might be too few for many) in the format of fiction, poetry or memoir and post it as a comment. One weekly piece will be selected to highlight. You may include a link to your website, blog, or book for sale. If your unsure what to do, read the post, "Writing Prompts to Build a Community" - just click the "Daily Writing Prompts" label to the left, and it's the bottom post.

Writing Prompt # 4:  Holding back.

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  1. “Under no circumstances will you have an excuse to not succeed. Under no circumstances must you let yourself down. You have all the tools you need, the will and ability to get all that you want out of life. No holds barred – no holding back.”

    Serafa’s eyes were closed as she restated these sentences in her mind. She took a deep breath and imagined opening a heavy, oaken door leading to an unknown landscape. Her heart pounded, erasing the silence she was trying to focus on.

    “Under no circumstances…,” she repeated to in her mind. Eyes closed, she crossed the threshold of the door. Immediately, she felt an abrupt change in the atmosphere. Gusts of cold wind seemed to want to push her back through the door..

    Serafa counted to three, opened her mouth wide and yelled out with all of her might, “There is no holding back!” She opened her eyes and saw that it was the perfect time. She pulled the cord and felt her body jerk, until it glided slowly and easily to the landing spot.

    Her counselor ran up to her, “I am so proud of you! Did you say the phrases? Did imagining going through the door help?

    Serafa stood on steadying feet, nodded her head, smiling broadly.

    “Once you did that, you broke through an amazing blockage, Serafa.”

    “I didn’t hold back.”

    “And you never will again. The crash is behind you and you will soon be able to return to being a pilot.”

    ~~My bad! It's over 200 words!


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