Sunday, November 25, 2012

Daily Wring Prompt

Write 200 words (yes, I've doubled it. I think 100 might be too few for many) in the format of fiction, poetry or memoir and post it as a comment. One weekly piece will be selected to highlight. You may include a link to your website, blog, or book for sale. If your unsure what to do, read the post, "Writing Prompts to Build a Community" - just click the "Daily Writing Prompts" label to the left, and it's the bottom post.

Prompt # 3Sandstorm


  1. Sandstorm

    Eyes closed against the gusts.
    Penetrating pellets blocking my sight.
    Heart sealed, hating the storm.
    Broken body, without hope –
    alone, ravaged and dying.

    A call to the Lord, my will against dying.
    Hands raised – my only hope.
    Standing, God leads me through the storm.
    Healing the wounds, clearing my sight.
    No longer do I fight against the gusts.

    1. Very nice, much deeper than the sandstorm I think.

      My pieces tend toward the fantasy/ sci-fi genre. I'm a little nerdy that way.

    2. Thanks Renee. My one from yesterday is a bit sci-fi'ish.

  2. Lillian scurried from the tent quickly, the ancient text secured under her robes. Her potion had worked, but, how long it would hold the wizard?

    He'd only been fooled by her wide eyed wish to learn the healing arts until he'd caught her pawing through the scrolls and tablets he kept in a private part of the huge tent. She’d fastened her eyes on the ground at his feet, pretending remorse as he lectured her about delving into things she knew nothing about.

    The only remorse she felt was for being caught, she'd found the text she wanted. And an opportunity to spike the evening tea.

    Hours later, Lillian felt victorious as she drove the stolen camel across the sand. She could make out the wall of an old settlement in the distance. Strangely, it seemed to be hurrying toward her faster than the camel's pace accounted for.

    Too late, she realized, it was a wall, but not of a town. With a roar the sandstorm enveloped her, scraping her exposed skin raw in seconds.

    Her throat filling with the scouring grains, she managed to spit out the name she had hoped to never use again.


  3. Lots of intrigue and suspense, and gets you wondering who's Aslozoth and what's going to happen now that she used his name? I guess it is in the genre of fantasy. I like how you explained how the sand affected her skin and throat.

    1. Thank you. Lillian is a character in my nano project this year, I used the prompt to find out a little more of her history.

  4. Nancy -

    No attempt a busy schedule and you're on the agenda. I'd like you to participate in a one-time questionnaire concerning your WIP or new release, to post on your site on Dec. 5th. Email me for the would be great to direct people to your site and your works.


    1. No prob about today. Do want to see your work sometime. :)


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