Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Today's Writing Prompt

Write up to 300 words (yes, I 've increased it) based on the prompt below and post as a comment. For more details, see "Writing Prompts to Build a Community" in the "Daily Writing Prompts" label to the left.

Writing Prompt # 5:

"Can't say I've ever done that."

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  1. “Well, to tell you the truth, I can’t say I’ve ever done that.” Tony looked incredulously at Stephan.

    Shaking his head in argument, Stephan said, “That doesn’t mean you can’t. Look, it’s simple. Go into the store and look for the slowest looking guy you see. You can’t miss him. Walk up to him and say, ‘I need you to put everything you got in there into here.’ There’s nothing to it.”

    To do a robbery without a weapon? Tony couldn’t believe this. He had no problem doing commercial burglaries, or robberies for that matter. He used to do small jobs with Stephan years ago, but it’s been over ten years since Tony had seen him. “You must be crazy,” was all Tony could think to say.

    “Try it. You’ll be amazed with what you come away with.”

    Shaking his head in wonderment, Tony made his way to the store.

    There was a very stupid looking guy there, and Tony would have known to go to him even if he wasn’t the only person there. Walking up to the counter, Tony pointed to the cash register and said, “Put everything you’ve got in there into here.”

    The guy looked to Tony with a moronic smile. He then laughed and said, “Oh, you mean from here into there!” He picked up a sack at his feet, grabbed something from inside, reached over and dropped it into Tony’s sack.

    Shocked, Tony balled up the opening of the sack and ran out the store. Two blocks away, he opened it and stared in awe. Inside, was a glorious locked entryway to heaven. Scratching his head, Tony whispered, “Why is it locked?”


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