Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Today's Writing Prompt & Congrats to book giveaway winners!

Write up to 300 words (yes, I 've increased it) based on the prompt below and post as a comment. For more details, see "Writing Prompts to Build a Community" in the "Daily Writing Prompts" label to the left.

Writing Prompt for 11/28/12:  Certainly winning is a good feeling.

Results of Book Giveaway for Anticipation of the Penitent

I want to thank everyone who entered the book giveaway by joining my blog and on Goodreads. On Goodreads, 435 people entered and I've received the notifications of the winners.

Of the 25 people who joined my blog, the winners who were randomly selected are:

1. Livia      2. Elise Fallson   3. Judith Kerrian Ribbens
4. Tavinor  5. Doesn't Matter

Messages to these winners will be sent out today, and the books will be sent out within the week. If someone doesn't respond to my message by 12/14/12, I'll select another name.

Again thanks for joining, and enjoy today's writing prompt.


  1. Livia-- she's on a total winning roll lately. Quick Livia, buy a lottery ticket, girl! Congratulations with a touch of jealousy to all you winners! :)

  2. I'm so excited! Thank you Nancy! Can't wait to read it! :)

  3. Certainly winning is a good feeling.

    I’d rather say writing can be a wonderful feeling, when you connect with others, share your ideas, muse others’ beliefs, ponder how English is a strange language. When you can no longer say you have nothing to say because words dance around and wander and link around in your brain, turning into more than what you had to say, what you planned on saying, what you thought you could ever say.

    I’d say writing is definitely a good feeling, because when it comes out right, when a world is created and develops on a page, when people laugh, argue and cry as the characters “live” their lives, you feel like you are winning. And that winning streak will continue throughout your life as long as the words never stop dancing, wandering and linking in your brain, and they come out onto a page and enter the imaginations of others.


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