Saturday, November 24, 2012

Exercise No. 2: Let's Write!

Write 200 words (yes, I've doubled it. I think 100 might be too few for many) in the format of fiction, poetry or memoir and post it as a comment. One weekly piece will be selected to highlight. You may include a link to your website, blog, or book for sale. Please read qualifiers and intent in the post "Writing Prompts to Build a Community" - just click the "Daily Writing Prompts" label to the left, and it's the bottom post.

Prompt # 2:  Lazy Saturday morning and you are sleeping in, until you realize that the most important thing is supposed to happen today.

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  1. Several times Stan was going to get out of bed. Well, he did two times. Once to go to the bathroom, and second to open the drapes. The sun shining into his room did not stir him to complete his third or fourth intentions to get out of bed. “Why should I?” he asked himself and stretched out his legs, “It’s Saturday.”

    Peering at the wavering sunlight as it filtered in through the blinds, Stan’s eyes began to close. He heard himself start to snore. Then his eyes shot wide open.

    “It can’t be! What’s the date?” he shouted. He jumped out of bed and scrambled for his phone, watch or calendar. He stared at each in shock. “How can I be so stupid?”

    He threw jeans over his nude bottom, grabbed a stained t-shirt, forced on his tennis shoes, snatched his keys and ran. As soon as he opened the front door, he knew it was too late.

    “Catherin! Don’t do it!” His wife couldn’t hear him. She and their daughter walked in line holding one suitcase. She’d promised they wouldn’t go, but he told himself to make sure. Catherin was so awed by the visitors. They disappeared inside.


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