Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Print Book & Useful Sites for Writers

After several late nights of researching, reading, reformatting and signing up, the print version of Anticipation of the Penitent is finally able to be ordered through CreateSpace. I have ordered some copies and they are expected to be delivered on November 27th. I did the regular shipping, but you can always select express shipping. When I get them, I will be contacting my followers!

Here are all the places, so far, that you can purchase Anticipation of the Penitent now:, the print book, the Kindle version, various ebook versions
For Smashwords, here’s the coupon code to get a free copy: PS23Y

This is why this process is so much more difficult than it seems it would be: Because when you start from scratch and have no idea what you're doing, you have to learn all the jargon, figure out what each distribution site wants, try and find out what's not worth the time and/or money. 

Here are some sites that are very useful for writers, even if there is always a learning curve in figuring what you can do and how to do it:
·      Free self-publishing, including creating your own book cover and designing the interior of the book
·      Can order your own print book at reduced author’s cost
·      Free distribution of the Kindle version on, book saleable at whatever price you want.
·      Low-cost expanded distribution to bookstores, universities and libraries for $25
·      You have some leeway at the price you want to sell your print book, but they set a minimum price to make sure the manufacturing costs are covered. CreateSpace gets a percentage of your sales, as with all distribution services.

·      Free self-publish and distribution in these various ebook formats:
*  Kindle, epub, Sony Reader, Palm Doc, PDF, RTF, and Plain Text
*  If you are able to format your book in the way that is acceptable to other distributers (for me that took until 5 am to figure it all out and get it right. They’ll do it for you for a small cost if you can’t do it or don’t have the patience for it.) they will distribute for free to these companies:
Barnes & Nobles
Page Foundry
Baker-Taylor’s Blio
Library Direct
Baker-Taylor’s Axis360
*  You are able to opt out of any distributor you want. For example, I opted out of, since my book is already being distributed there through CreateSpace.
·      You can sell your book at whatever price you want, including for free, or having coupon codes for your people to receive a free or discounted copy.

·      This is a good site to promote your book and get some of the great number of people that visit the site to take a look at it.
*  You can have your own “Author’s Blog Page,” which isn’t as technical as it seems. I’m still learning how much can be done there, but here are some tips:
Upload all or a portion of your ebook and book cover, and link where it can be purchased
People can comment on your book in the Goodreads’ book list.
Your personal blog posts can be linked to your Goodreads Author Page.
You can start discussions about topics that your book brings up, and your book will appear as an icon.
You can include your book in the many “Favorites Lists” in the site.

I hope this has provided you with some resources for you to get your book out for everyone to read and enjoy!

Again, I invite you to follow this blog by clicking the “Join this site” button, and to get your copy of Anticipation of the Penitent.


  1. Check out her author interview here:

  2. Thanks so much for the info on Smashwords and Goodreads. They'll be my next step. Just uploaded my first book, murder mystery, Betrayal by Serpent, Judith M Kerrigan (author) to CSpace. Looong learning curve! It'll be out in 7 days. has an excerpt.

  3. Congratulations Judith on your book! I'm glad this the information on this post has been helpful to you. Looking forward to checking out your site.

  4. Nancy, thanks for stopping by my blog-- I would have joined even without the teaser of a book! I am happy to know a fellow faith-walker and writer. Glad to have you in my writing circle.

    1. Thank you Julie. I feel the same way. Your blog is great and I'll keep returning!


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