Thursday, November 29, 2012

Indie writers, let's go to the market!

As all Indie writers know, marketing and networking is key! Because we don't have the connections and clout of big publishing companies, we have to market ourselves so people will know that our books are out there, so our stories will be shared, get reviews, get sells and try and make some money.

I'm excited that I enjoy this process, even with its frustrations and how it gobbles up my time. I've published an article on my experience and what it took for me to accept myself as a writer. I hope you check it out:

Publishmyself is a great site for Indie writers to get a start on populating their resum├ęs. I enjoy reading the articles on that site, and feel proud to say I have an article that's been published.

Another bit of news is that, now that I've been able to read through my printed book, I have made corrections to formatting and typos. It's great, because since I hadn't actually sat down and read a book in quite a while (except for the Bible) because I'm addicted to audiobooks or I read on the computer, my book's formatting was off. I had the text double spaced! It's easier on the eyes, but I guess I was so focused on editing, that double spacing didn't seem weird to me until someone said, "Oh, I like that it's double spaced. I can read it!" Funny.

I also added a forward and an author's bio. Things that never occurred to me. Thank God for outspoken family! It'll take a few days for CreateSpace to accept the changes and finalize the book. I can't order new ones anyway for at least a couple of months. No mulla. The harder part will be updating the eBook versions, because the formatting is different for eBooks. Smashwords is the most difficult because I'd like to keep the book in their Premium Distribution list. The formatting for that is killer.

Well, just wanted to get this info out, in case someone wanted to purchase my book. I'd say wait about a week so you can get the updated version. There weren't a whole lot of typos, but you know how you'd like to get it as perfect as you can, because no matter what, there'll still be errors you didn't catch.

Until tomorrow's writing prompt. Sleep well and God bless.


  1. Another resource I wasn't aware of. Thanks for the heads-up about it.


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